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GBot GUI Guide

All types of RSS should work.
Enter the name to be shown and full adress to rss file.

+Rss shows all feeds in the Bot with a number infront of it.
Use +rss 3 to show the 3:rd feed.

To add a feed from DC use
+rssadd Name_of_feed URL_to_feed
a URL is not allowed to have spaces in them, change the space to %20 and it should work

Hours to update is How often the Rss feed is downloaded from the site, Between 2-4 hours is recommended.
Some sites ban you if you download it to much.

%titel is the headline from the feed,
%link is the URL to more information about the headline. Most DC Clients open your browser when you click on a URL.
%tab adds a tab space.
%Any-name% Adds the rss field with this name at that place