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GBot Commands

shows the info screen over commands you are able to use with GBot.
It won’t show commands you don’t have rights to use.

+Greet <On/Off>
This function will sent a message when someone who never logged in logs in for the first time.

+Lastseen <nick>
shows when user logged in/out can use part of name +lastseen [op] shows all names starting with [OP].

Shows what’s playing on radio now.

+RadioMain <On/Off>
Announces to main if new song is playing <Off> is shown because you only can toggle it off.

+Rel [type/all/1-999]
Show all new releases since last +rel or order by type DVD-r, Games,Xbox …
Type/all is optional

+RelMain <On/Off>
Announce to main when someone +reladd something.

+RelAdd [dump] <release> <type>
Adds a release, you can not have spaces in any of these names.
Correct usage is: +reladd Username Debian8.1 App
or: +reladd Debian8.1 App

+Nuke <release> <reason>
If something you have released has errors you can use this
Nuke function to let everyone now that they should not download it or if they have they should remove it.

+RelRem <release>
Removes the relese specified.
+ relrem debian8.1 and +relrem deb both works as long as no other release starts with deb.

Shows the last closed Poll

Shows the active Poll

+ PollAdd [days] <Poll> §<alt1>§<alt2...>
The only restriction is 99 alternatives.
days is optional, and the number of days poll will be active

Closes the active poll. +PollHist must be used to view the outcome of the poll.

+ PollRem
Removes the last poll created and should only be used if your newly created poll is wrong somehow.

+News [all/1-999]
“all” is optional and is used to view all stored news.
“65” is optional and is used to view 65 latest stored news.

+NewsAdd <news>

+NewsMain <On/Off>
Same as RadioMain and RelMain.

 +NewsRem <news>
Removes the news, you only need to type enough of the news to make it identifiable from the others.

+Req [done/1-999]
Always shows all requests, it doesn’t remember in the same way as news and releases 
"done" is all requests marked as done
"48" will show last 48 requests

+ReqDone <request>
[2005-02-15]< Ferflugen> + reqdone Debian 8.1 iso
[2005-02-15] added Ferflugen this request Debian 8.1 iso Find status: True

+ReqAdd <request>
[2005-02-11]< Gargol> + reqadd Debian 8.1 iso
[2005-02-11] added Gargol this request Debian 8.1 iso Find status: False

+ReqRem <request>
+reqrem debian8.1 and + reqrem deb both works as long as no other request starts with deb.

+Next <TV-show>
+next scrubs shows when the next episode of scrubs will air.

+Prev <TV-show>
+Prev scrubs shows when the last episode of scrubs aired.

+Today / +tomorrow / +yesterday
Shows all episodes aired that day

+TVlist [show]
Shows a list of all tvshows in database.
+tvlist Stargate will show a list of all TV series in database that starts with Stargate

+Opm <nick> <message>
Sends a message to a offline user, or directly if user is online.

+Massmess <Text>
GBot will change the text so around max row (58 normally) chars will be shown on each line
then Gbot will add a linefeed. And No it don’t cut in
the middle of words it adds one after the word.

Sometimes things don’t work as they should and it might need to flash the memory and get back in the game, that’s when reconnect works good.

Simply disconnects the bot and closes it down…
No reason for it to run when it won’t reconnect.

 Shows the GBot version and the URL to homepage.