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GBot GUI Guide

This is a simple guide for GBot, Taken from version 0.283.
Beside is the main screen with view of debug screen.

Remember to write both IP and PORT.
The checkboxes are to activate functions of GBot.
They are instantly de-/activated.

You must enter settings and set-up what users are allowed to do what!
The Settings are under file/Settings.

Annoyingly they are put at the top of the screen and won't go away until you save or undo your changes.


Here is where you setup all hub related settings.

"Command" is the main command for GBot, this will show all commands in use for the person writing it in the hub.

“Head Bot name”, this is used to send mass messages and GBot ignores messages sent from this name.

“OP Chat”
is also ignored if specified correctly.

 Profile names are only specified so
you can remember what profile should have which rights.

The prefixes can also contain full names but know that "[ME]User" and "[ME]Users" will both get the same rights if "[ME]User*" is added.
* = wildcard can be any number of letters or numbers
# = a number between 0-9
? = a letter or number

Prefix 4 is for all the Users in the hub.

Check for Updates
A new meny in main window will show up if there is a new Release. Use the menu to go to GBot website

Login in msg
If you specify that news or releases should be sent at login this can be done by either MCTo ( a private message seen in Main chat) or PM a Private message from Gbot apperas when loging in

This is if you want new releases and news to be announced to main when added and at login so each user can se how many Unread releases and/or news there is.

Language files should be added to the text folder.
and are listed so you can change among them.