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GBot GUI Guide

"+Rel" shows all unseen releases,
using "+rel 10" will show last 10 releases
"+rel all" or "+rel 999" will show all releases, the word all is taken from the language file.

To add a release
"+reladd my_friend ubuntu 1 2 3 swe dvd iso DVD" or
"+reladd ubuntu.1.2.3.swe.dvd.iso DVD" to simply add it in your name, The later only works with releases without spaces.

to remove a release simply type "+relrem releasename"
You only need to type enough of the release to make it unique

+Relmain on or off toggles if new releases should be shown in main or not. on and off switches are taken from language file.

"+nuke releasename reason" reason should be in one word.
"+nukeshow" shows all nuked releases

Days shown is how meny days it should be stored.

%rel is the release you entered
is the release type you entered
%user is the name of the user who added the news
%tab adds a tab space.
%new is number of unseen releases
%reason is why a release is nuked